Are you a…

Head Chef wishing to devote more time to recipe design or preparing for complex dietary requirements, whilst needing to remain up to date with accounts, writing up menus, or ensuring your favoured supplier will deliver the exact guest preference?

Who requires…

a resource, knowledgeable in galley operations and terminology, to ensure the guest preference sheet arrives on time, liaise with your supplier, or input your accounts before drop off? When a Japanese themed sushi evening is demanding your time?

How can we help?

We are your virtual galley hand. We take the time to understand your routine and schedule, efficiently working in the background without interrupting your day. We are here to provide continual support, or as and when circumstances dictate.

How does it work?

A swift voice message, detailing your menu for the day, with an added photo, and we can transform your information into a professional guest menu. Simply exchanging the UHF for a smart phone, we are directly connected to you. Utilising low bandwidth, end-to-end encrypted voice, video and text messaging app, email or phone call, you waste no time in communicating your request.

This means what?

More time dedicated to developing and delivering your outstanding menu, at ease in the knowledge the produce and preferences have been matched perfectly to your requirements. In turn, enhancing the owner and guest experience and finishing your day fully prepared for the next.