Are you a…

Chief Engineer and the sole member of your department, or desk based with a large team to manage, who could benefit from freeing your time spent on routine administration?

Who requires…

a reliable and capable asset on hand to forward tank volumes, IMO port arrival particulars, or chase shore power and water arrangements, when your focus is needed in the engine room or AV rack?

How can we help?

We work with you to understand your needs, preferences and vessel particulars. We will ensure we have your tank capacities, shore power amperage or engine specs. We will assimilate your latest manuals for the relevant maintenance requirements and schedules for entry into your PMS. We understand the importance of MARPOL Annex VI and will chase your gasoil specs before bunkering. We will track the progress of your refit works and update your spreadsheet accordingly.

How does it work?

Simply exchanging the UHF for a smart phone, we are directly connected to you. Forward a photo of your AMS tank volume screen or send a message with your next port of call, we are connected, mitigating your need to return to the ECR.

This means what?

The capacity to investigate, troubleshoot, maintain or repair, without the restriction of time, when administration or desk-based duties are pressing.