Bridge & Vessel Operations

Are you a…

Captain wishing to improve the capability of your team and enhance guest focused services, without sacrificing onboard resources?

Who requires…

another crewmember, free from vessel distraction, with the experience to swiftly react  when your hands are tied with mooring, owner presence in the wheelhouse or a sudden change of plans, when finalising the charter accounts, searching for a replacement crewmember, or supplying port arrival formalities is critical.

How can we help?

We can provide a dedicated Virtual Crewmember, experienced and highly capable, synchronised with the vessel’s team. Working at their direction and fully familiarised with the operating procedures unique to the individual and yacht. We will input the final accounts, source a selection of quality crew candidates or submit your pre-arrival documentation, leaving you to focus on your priorities.

How does it work?

Simply exchanging the UHF for a smart phone, our dedicated Crewmember is directly connected to the vessels team. Utilising low bandwidth, end-to-end encrypted voice, video and text messaging app, email or phone call. A swift voice message, photo or video can instantly capture the necessary information, without lengthy conversations or typing at a keyboard, with the added ability to verify your information has been received.

This means what?

Your yacht can increase efficiency, enhance its focus on core services, accelerate turn-around and deliver the highest levels of service excellence to vessel owners and charter clients.